After selecting the membership plan, the amount will be charged monthly to your cardholder. This is a digital recurring subscription. Example if you purchase this plan on the 5th of the month, your card will be charged again on every 5th of the month.


Once the first payment is confirmed, you have access to the Basic Membership page consisting of the members library for the Freebies and Instagram Quotes and link to place your order of the month without payment.


On every first Tuesday of the month, you will receive 5 new designs in your inbox. 

As for this plan you are allowed to purchase up to 3 digital designs without any payment (yes I got to emphasized on this hehehe), you will have to place your order via a special form in the Basic Membership page.

Thank you so much for joining our membership box. Before you click "select" and make payment, I request for you to renew your intention to join this membership so this will be beneficial for the both of us in this world and the hereafter. May Allah protect our heart and keep us guided always. Ameen <3

If you have any further enquiries or still very unsure of the process, kindly email me at Always here to help you out <3

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