Yes received last two days. Sorry for not informing. I gave it to some of my friends as a gift and they love it! thank you.

- Nur Hibriyah 

{On Bookmarks}

Alhamdulillah sis....saya dh receive bookmarks nye. I like!!!! Klau ade design and wording baru...tag me ya...​

- Ufairah Atmarini

{On Bookmarks}

Just wanna inform you that I've received the bookmarks! MasyaAllah so nice.. I love it! Thank you so much!

- Nur Aiiesyah 

{On Bookmarks}

 Fast & prompt delivery! Even faster than i thought! Bought it as a birthday gift for my sis & she loves it! Nicely packed in a box & presentable! In shaa allah will order more!

Salam sis!

I just received the Allah Muhammad frames!

Love them!!

Thank u tau!
Will send u a pix once decor is up for my wedding in sept! Hehehe. Take care!

-N. Ashsiqqin


 Assalamualaikum dear.

I've received the frame on saturday babe! Thank you so much! It's lovely. I would love to get more, but my walls need to breathe. hah! 

Thanks again!

Salam! Received with thanks! I love it!! It is so pretty!!!


-Iman Karisma

Alhamdulillah! Super Satisfied with new frames for my new room. Love love love it! Thanks @mryana.df team for being so accomodating to my cerewet request when I want the customization. May Allah bless the team always aamiin. 



Dear sis,

Sorry for the very late reply. I like the frames n gift.

The frame is light n easy to mounted. Your service excellent eventhough thats abit of hiccup you guys handle it professionally. Hope to buy more things n frames from you.


-Nurul Farhanah

Salam Mryana team!


We have received the items, all 3 of them!

Definitely worth every cent because they are so pretty!

I love it, my family loves it.

Thank you and I will definitely purchase from you again, in shaa allah.




Really amazing service. Delivery was prompt but upon knowing that my orders got mixed up, she took the initiative to personally deliver the correct ones and even gave me an extra piece. She went an extra mile for her customer and I'm very impressed with her sincerity.So sorry for all your trouble but thank you for everything. Semoga diberkati Allah swt. InsyaAllah Amin!


-Irah Rahman

Salam sis.. I've received it in good condition. . Alhamdulilaah i really love the print out .. i will buy more from u guys again...


-Wan Nur Zahidah

 Initially I ordered 2 designs and requested for both black frames but they delivered both white. So I emailed them to exchange and they apologised for their mistake and offered me a free A4 frame with a design printout of my choice. That's what I called good service. Now i have 3 frames that i can place it in my room. Thank you @mryana.df ! You olls can place your order too! 🤗


- Nura Abdullah

Received it last Saturday. Ordered on Friday night! So efficient and fast delivery. Thanks babe! Looking good by the window beside my huge mirror! 



Your posters are really nice and of good quality (and affordable!). And I must say my current fav wall gotta be the one with your framed up posters!


Came home totally mesmerised by the lovely frame artwork by @mryana.df <3 <3 <3 Wanted to get something for the new house and chance upon their FB page couple weeks ago. They must have overlooked my order somehow due to overwhelming response but I am totally grateful for the kind gesture made. They presented me with an additional white frame with an amazing quote indeed. I am one huge fan of such spiritual quotes and it totally caught me deep in <3 <3 <3



Salam Mariana! thank you for the lovely frames! I received it yesterday and all of them were beautifully printed and framed! Thank you once again!


-Nadiah Rahman

Assalamualaikum Mariana, I have received the printouts. Thanks for the beautiful works.



It's so beautiful just wanna share with you! InshaAllah kalau ada rezeki, will get more printouts! Thank you for the amazing prints! <3


-Firah Ilham

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