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MRYANA has always been about designing mainly for home decor. As we are entering into the year 2019, I have decided to use this platform to serve and give opportunities for individuals who have the same mission and goal - to give back to the community by sharing our knowledge. 


When I met up with my instructor for our Get Unstuck workshop two years back, I seek her advice on how to grow our business. She sees the potential in me in having a Photoshop Workshop but being the extremely introvert me, I have zero confidence to have the Photoshop Workshop (maybe in the future, who knows?). I am very keen to have workshops because mainly I am very passionate about seeking knowledge. I love attending workshops that interest me and I love it more when the person who conducts the workshop have the passion in doing what they do! 


All praises to Allah for giving me the idea to use MRYANA as a platform for workshop *for* other people. This creates an opportunity for people to showcase their talent and for participants to seek knowledge through our medium. I am very proud to introduce you the young, talented and passionate lady, Farihath Samsul, who will be teaching you in our Sketch & Paint Workshop!


"I am an 18 years old aspiring graphic designer (quite young I know!) But I have big dreams that I've yet to fulfill! I started drawing since young; following my father's footsteps and he would always let me have the freedom to draw. I've always loved the idea of putting your own creativity out there and channeling it to our own drawings. It's amazing to see the outcome MashaAllah. With that, I would love to share my passion with people out there!"


10am - 10.30am

Introduction and warming up of fingers by sketching your own flowers in your own way. This will help you see the improvement you have made or even your progress before and after the workshop. Especially when you have zero knowledge in sketching and painting!


10.30am - 12pm

Starting of the actual drawing class. There will be an approximately 10 different flowers to learn to draw from. And around 5 different leaves to draw from too. You will learn from scratch; the sketching, outlining and detailing. 


12pm - 1.30pm

Lunch Break + Zohor Prayers


1.30pm- 2.30pm

- Learning the basic of colouring the sketches using watercolor paint.

- Learning how to apply the right colours and colour grading too.

- Applying the colours to the flowers you've drawn. 




We allow a deposit of 50% of the total price. The balance are required to be paid on the day you attend the workshop :)



won first prize in Bold Strokes, Candid Styles Contest - a collaboration between FRANK by OCBC and MOX.


below are some of her art work. Created with so much love and passion!


"I have zero knowledge in sketching and painting. Can I still join this workshop?"

Yes! This workshop are meant for beginners. If you have no skills and knowledge at all, fret not! Our instructor will guide you through inshaAllah <3


"I am interested to attend the workshop but unable to pay the full amount now. Can I reserve my spot first?

We regret to inform you that we are unable to reserve any spot without any payment. However, we allow a 50% deposit and you can pay the balance of the amount on the day itself :) 


Thank you for reading up till here. I understand there are other similar workshop in SG but the one different thing about this workshop is, it is our very first time conducting such workshop and we need as much support as possible because

1) Farihath and I have a lot of passion in sharing knowledge. 2) By supporting our very first workshop allows MRYANA to have more upcoming workshops with different talented individuals. With that, bring your friend along and join us this 29th December 2018!




Founder & Owner of MRYANA


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